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by greh @ 1:46pm on December 16, 2009

Here are some scans of a handful of 8MM porno reels from my collection. These were mostly acquired as a gift from my friend Slim while we were in his hometown of Lexington, KY on a short break during our last tour. Some of the covers are the original boxes, while others were cut to fit around a generic box, losing part of the great covers. The “Love, California Style” and “Peacock” boxes are amongst my favorite from this group. Also classic are the strange reels with a photograph poorly taped or pasted onto a reel box. We’re planning a Chondritic 8MM screening night soon, so if you’re in the area keep an eye peeled here for details. Spinning records and projecting the best of these reels should be a blast.



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by greh @ 5:35pm on December 15, 2009

These are scans of a few experiments in spray paint and confusion, created a few months ago during a heavy painting session with Weird Gary. Click to enlarge.



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by greh @ 6:38pm on December 14, 2009

I was skimming through an issue of CRACK from the summer of ’76 and came across an article about THE PLEASURE CHEST, a sex shop in West Hollywood. These photos are an interesting snapshot of their leather and rubber goods. The shop has moved up the street from the address given in the article, but unfortunately I’ve never been there. It’s on the list for next time I’m in the area! Other good spots for LA locals seeking similar goods would do well to head to ROUGH TRADE or JT’s STOCKROOM. ROUGH TRADE specializes on the more biker/leather/gay end of things, while STOCKROOM offers more in the rubber/fetish/degradation/electro arena. Both are highly recommended.



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by greh @ 5:56pm on December 9, 2009



Images from the 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs police training video, DVD soon available via the store. An hour and a half long and broken into two parts, the first half features on gang lingo, organisation, pastimes and general background information. The second half focuses heavily on crimes committed by biker gangs including video and some “trophy” shots taken by the bikers themselves. From a police station based out of Plymouth, MI, roughly a half hour from where I’m residing.

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