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by greh @ 2:46am on April 10, 2010

I recently had the opportunity to see screenings of new prints of 8 Kenneth Anger films in Ann Arbor, MI along with an “on-stage conversation” which was erratic and entirely dominated by Anger with the interviewer’s questions being largely ignored or a somewhat-related answer followed by amusing digression. The below discussion took place after screening Fireworks, Rabbit’s Moon, Scorpio Rising and Kustom Kar Kommandos. The next day Eaux d’Artifice, Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, Invocation of my Demon Brother and Lucifer Rising were shown, but Anger was not present. It was a real pleasure to see these in the theater and I highly recommend checking them out if they’re showing near you.

You can listen to the audio from this discussion below, and get more information on the event and Kenneth Anger HERE.

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My man Steve Lowenthal of Swingset Magazine threw down this heavy mix of road jams to get you in the travellin’ zone. Seeing as I’ve got a cross country move coming up in a few days, I’ve already thrown this on the pod with the expectation of much play in the truck.

You can download the mix HERE or click the play button to listen now.

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  1. Amon Duul IIEye Shaking King – German psych damage to kick things off in the heavy depths of LSD drenched burnout. Guitars to infinity lead the way to new paths and modes of travel. Open your Third Eyes and roll.
  2. Captain Beefheart and the Magic BandZig Zag Wanderer – More acid damage, this time from the deserts of nowhere USA. the Captain is in top form and the band blazes through gong washes to show how fucked the blues can get. Real rock & roll for true freaks. Not welcome in any town.
  3. The WitchMotherless Child – ’75 Zambian psych from nowhere Hendrix shredders that just calls you to hit the road. Exotic locales beckon and heavy guitar struts syncopate the moves. Hit it.
  4. CreamTales of Brave Ulysses – ’67 bootleg recording from the Grande Ballroom in Detroit. Fucking Clapton sucks but shit is straight SHREDDING here, ultimate wah pedal madness drives a heavy foot on the gas pedal before the stars explode. Almost makes “Wonderful Tonight” forgivable. Almost.
  5. Religious Knives96 Tears – Live recording of this classic standard by NY contempo psych lords. Cavallo and Nelson ride the groove all night long while Mike and Maya get dub over the beat. Too many teardrops. Drop Acid and hit the highways instead.
  6. Endless BoogieUntitled – Unreleased archive rehearsal from the classic days w/Chris Gray manning the kit. If this doesn’t get you a speeding ticket and inspire smokin cigs and drinkin whiskey while wailin on gtr then nothin will. Best band in New York on any given night in those days. Badass.
  7. George BensonSmokin’ Cheeba Cheeba – Man, I dunno how you roll but when Killer Kev and I rolled XCountry we were blazing the whole ride like shit was going outta style. Yeah George Benson isn’t known for bein this slick but this shit is undeniable. From the XXX LP “Erotic Moods”. Grip it with a pound of good stuff.
  8. WeirdosLife of Crime – Gnarly LA punk from back in the day. True outlaw steez is undeniable. Good for fucking and driving.
  9. GroundhogsGarden – more 70s UK psych road freak outs. Just wait for the gtr solo to bust open yr head and make the road spread like a porn star on payday.
  10. The NervesOne Way Ticket – 70s LA power pop bout getting the fuck outta town. Holler.
  11. Dan Melchior’s Broke RevueFrom A Buick 6 – Heavy gtr take on a Dylan classic with brute british hatred and stretched out psych beat madness. Better than the original.
  12. Major StarsTwo Degrees – latest rager from Boston psych kings and queens. Major Stars, Major Rock, Major Road, Major Triple Guitars, Major Burn. Mandatory on every level.
  13. Link WrayDeuces Wild – 50s King of the heavy guitar takes us on a ride. Get into a fight, steal a car, fuck someone else’s chick and fuckin motor. Don’t take no shit. Link don’t. Primitive drums.
  14. Flamin’ GrooviesWhiskey Woman – Killer road ballad that ends with a proto-punk burst that will get you across state lines in no time. Better than the Stones. USA motherfucker. Deal with it.