intrinsic objectification
by greh @ 12:41pm on July 29, 2009

I’ve been slowly reading a few things lately, but one my friend Rodger recommended which stands out is A FEAST UNKNOWN by Philip Jose Farmer. Doc Savage vs Tarzan in a most brutal way, ripping limbs apart and cumming on/in the corpes. In an early chapter, one of them watches his dog be sodomized and murdered only to exact a fitting revenge a few chapters later.

The two, half-brothers with the same father—legendary Victorian era serial killer, Jack the Ripper—share a horrible affliction thanks to the powerful elixir that gives them near-eternal life. Neither one can engage in sexual activity except during acts of violence; their penises become erect after an act of violence, they ejaculate after taking lives.

Grandrith and Caliban each think that the other has killed a loved one, and are hell-bent on taking revenge. More important, however, is the battle that takes place. Two icons of culture engage in a bloody, brutal, and disturbingly sexual battle.

Caliban hurls grenades; Grandrith aims with a blowgun. Firing rifles at each other from a distance, or running towards, knives in hand, the two are seemingly unstoppable, ferocious beasts, attacking from every angle, in every way. They even go so far as to grapple with each other in the nude, punching, clawing and biting, each of them sporting massive erections.

— from Wikipedia

Today’s listening: Birchville Cat Motel “Gunpowder Temple of Heaven”, Peste Noire “Folkfuck Folie”, Death in June “Brown Book”.

Cities in Bronze 4


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