My good friend Ryan Martin made this collage and this mix for Soldier’s Disease some time ago but I hadn’t posted it thanks to general inactivity, which should be remedied soon. It’s such a great mix that I had to get it into the world, so here ya go. You probably know Ryan from his solo work or in York Factory Complaint, On a Clear Day, Hanel Koeck. He is also one half of DAIS Records and runs his own cassette imprint Robert & Leopold. York Factory Complaint have a release coming out on Chondritic Sound soon. Below is what Ryan has to say about his mix:

“When I was putting together the tracks on this mix, I was gathering a collection of people or songs that I had an unusual, albeit interesting fascination with. Whether it was the people themselves or what they created, something compelling drew me to these tracks and how I understood them very well on their own. When I placed together these works, the invisible lines connected themselves in my mind and hopefully, with the help of technology, I was able to get these connections across to a yet to be determined audience.

Stated as a “tribute for voice” but it’s not the voice of any one person speaking or vocal accompaniment. It’s more in tribute to the voice this collection of people have found and when the pieces were put together, one voice was pushed along. This entire mix will make sense to someone, I hope it isn’t just me.”

You can download the mix HERE or click the play button to listen now.

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  • Bruce Gilbert, Graham Lewis & Russell Mills – Mzui (excerpt)
  • Noel Akchoté – Terry
  • Daniel Higgs – Untitled
  • Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck – Kopfwurstel
  • David Jackman – Dawn Plaza
  • Cultural Amnesia – Aluminum Tubes
  • Interior – Namiat
  • Services – Constellation
  • Seiji Nagai & (Alpha) – Improvisation March 21, 1999 [Part 2]
  • The Gerogerigegege – Hotel Ultra Radio
  • DDV – Störungen Der Motilität
  • Failing Lights – Untitled
  • Monstro-Brink SYNB – Shatterlake
  • Walter De Maria – Untitled
  • Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman – Goulante De l’Idiot, La
  • Bruce Russell – For Laura Penney (2002)
  • The Evolution Control Committee – Cohan’s Capers
  • Leif Elggren – The Light Room
  • Sacher-Pelz – Excitements
  • Mouthus & Valerie Allen – Number 2
  • Richard Ramirez – In Red & Black
  • Irr. App. (Ext.) – Narcoinvitatoriaphasieschatological Music Box

-Ryan Martin, New York City 2013


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