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by greh @ 10:03am on March 2, 2011

This is a mix I made while still living in Michigan that’s been floating on various memory cards until just a few days ago. Unfortunately I can’t place the piece between the Burning Star Core/Prurient collab and the Nate Young track as I’ve lost the tracklist for this mix some time ago. I like to fall asleep during the hazy moments of this one, engage in some horrific dream and let Jagger’s synth workout at the end be my alarm clock.

You can download the mix HERE or click the play button to listen now.

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  1. Death in June – Crush My Soul (Discriminate)
  2. Moolah – Crystal Waters (Woe Ye Demons Possessed)
  3. Master/Slave Relationship – Woman With Black Leather Mask (This Lubricious Love)
  4. Pascal – Sixth Ear (Sixth Ear)
  5. Burning Star Core & Prurient – Hydrophiliac (Ghosts of Niagra)
  6. something I can’t remember or place
  7. Nate Young – Dread (Regression)
  8. Der Blutharsch РXII (Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens Heil)
  9. Karl Runau – Memory of Source (Take One, Get Two)
  10. Coil – Die Wolfe der Kommen Zuruch (Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room)
  11. Butthole Surfers – Strangers Die Every Day (Rembrandt Pussyhorse)
  12. Mick Jagger – Invocation of my Demon Brother (Film soundtrack)

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