The 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs DVD-R is back, and with a shiny new menu. Volumes 1 & 2 on one disc, totaling over 90 minutes. Reversible cover, last few copies on copper paper before switching to a different paper zone. Below are more stills from this classic, and the first few minutes of Vol. 1 embedded via youtube. Available for purchase right here; copies ship within 3 business days.



Images from the 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs police training video, DVD soon available via the store. An hour and a half long and broken into two parts, the first half features on gang lingo, organisation, pastimes and general background information. The second half focuses heavily on crimes committed by biker gangs including video and some “trophy” shots taken by the bikers themselves. From a police station based out of Plymouth, MI, roughly a half hour from where I’m residing.