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by greh @ 6:49am on July 19, 2011

New mix by one of the deep crew, psycho KHR from Michigan. He runs the mighty fine Nurse Etiquette label and all of its subsidiaries (Annex Scum, Gifts of Vacant Mortuary, etc), which I hear will be morphing into Nostilevo. We operated dismal scrap metal sound together under the guise of Chainfight. Khris’ current incarnation is the intruiguingly named Scorpio & Glass, who has had a handful of releases on cassette, one of which was on previous mixtape contributor Ryan Martin’s Robert & Leopold label. Rumor has it that he’s working on a follow-up to this mix, so keep your ears peeled for that one.


You can download the mix HERE or click the play button to listen now.

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  1. Ultra – Subway Etiquette
  2. Ich Wollte, Ich Konnte – Concious RUins/Pattern 1
  3. Da – Dark Rooms
  4. Crisis – Holocaust
  5. Danse Society – Continent
  6. Aus Lauter Liebe – Tor Zu Welt
  7. Tearist – Civilization
  8. Gestalt – Deuxieme Ombre
  9. Bain Wolfkind – Death House Blues
  10. Led er Est – Destination Sanity
  11. Ilitch – Waiting For Mabelle
  12. Brighter Death Now – Now
  13. Epee Du Bois – So Young
  14. Russian Tsarlag – Open Casket
  15. Etant Donnes – Royaume Pt. 3
  16. Haus Arafna – Pain To Love (You Never Made A Sacrifice)