John Wiese currently has his first 100 7″ records on display at Family in Los Angeles. The first 99 7″s on the wall and his 100th, the single-locked-groove “Exhausted Spectral Incantation” placed on a turntable with headphones for listening. John also released a 150 page monograph documenting these 7″S and with essays by Sam McKinlay (The Rita) and Brian Roettinger. Here are a few photos taken at the opening:



I’ve been taking videos of live shows for a while now but haven’t found the right zone to post them. So here’s me saying “fuck it” and shoving a few of them at you in this post. Below are videos from Cold Cave, Prurient, Chelsea Wolfe and Cult of Youth, all filmed by me in Los Angeles over the past week.

Chelsea WolfeMoses – Live at the Echo in Los Angeles, July 23, 2011. From her amazing LP on Pendu SoundThe Grime and the Glow

Cult of YouthCold Black Earth & The Devil’s Coals – Live at the Echo in Los Angeles, July 24, 2011. Respectively from their DAIS LP “A Stick to Bind, a Seed to Grow” and their new 7″ on Blind Prophet Recordings “The Devil’s Coals“.

Prurient – Live at the Ukranian Cultural Center in Los Angeles, July 27, 2011. Songs are: A Meal Can Be Made, Watch Silently, Cocaine Death, There Are Still Secrets. Cocaine Death is from the CD/CS release of the same name, and everything else is from the new LP/CD/CS on Hydra Head.

Cold CaveBurning Sage – Live at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles, July 27, 2011. This song is off their most recent LP “Cherish the Light Years” on Matador.