Five new cassette releases available on Chondritic Sound, visit the catalog page directly for samples and ordering if interested.

Pure Ground – Daylight C20
ch-258, 100 copies – old-school, vintage sounding minimal wave from a new Los Angeles based duo. 4 songs from the growing wasteland utilizing voice, analog synths and drum machines. a faint reverberation.

Kama Rupa – Sistinas Sanguis C20
ch-257, 100 copies – these new york-based post-industrialists arrive on Chondritic with four tracks of cohesive and propelling tracks. live performances and previous works have shown a post-mortem approach to sound, but with this cassette rhythms oscillate and lurch under scattered synths and vocals delivered with a sense of romantic anguish.

Marshstepper – Marshstepper C32
ch-256, 100 copies – debut release by these wandererers from the sonoran desert, bringing with them a murky electronics anad commanding vocals only to be torn apart by an almost danceable beat erupting from the mist. a storm of fire, smoke and light appears at their live performances.

The Present Moment – Loyal To A Fault C60
ch-248, 100 copies – domestic cassette release of their fantastic second album on Mannequin and Desire, with 4 bonus tracks (including my favorite non-LP cut, “Stealer”). well produced synth-pop from los angeles. not for the noise heads. fans of depeche mode and nine inch nails take note.

Chainfight – Modern Noise Cassette C20
ch-243, 70 copies – harsh-head nods to american and japanese harsh noise in the 1990s and the swedish masters of the 2000s from this duo, comprised of greh holger (hive mind, etc) and khristopher reinshagen (liable for abuse, nostilevo label). scrap metal, tapes, voice, broken electronics and whatever else was laying around.