First, I urge everyone reading here to head over to FUCT.COM and check out the new self-shot/scored commercial that Erik Brunetti has made for his clothing line. It’s been up for about 24 hours and I’ve watched it more than a couple times. Oddly perfect advertising for streetwear clothing, encapsulating a great atmosphere and providing some mystery. It’s unsettling and well worth the two minutes of your time. There’s more to read about at SLAMXHYPE.

And here’s a selection of photos captured in the past few months. The awkward live shot is from the first (and only?) performance of EXPLORING JEZEBEL, who has a good handful of out of print tapes on Hospital Productions.



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by greh @ 10:28pm on January 3, 2010

Back from the holidays and a few shows out of town with SPYKES and FAILING LIGHTS. After tons of killer noise talk in the whip, I figured I’d come home and scan some classics.

POWER TO DESTROY 2CS cassette compilation on OPEN WOUND. released in 1993 and packaging in elegant but somehow crude and simple handmade fold-out housing the two cassettes. line-up includes: final solution, genocide organ, sudden infant, con-dom, smell & quim, grey wolves, taint and more. two hours of noise hell This is a perfect example of what I like in this style. Scummy industrial noise, horrible audio garbage, sound collage and piercing power electronics. Not every track is killer but most have that charm. More great images over at

OPEN WOUND flier stuck in my copy of POWER TO DESTROY. can’t stop salivating, both from looking at the list of available tapes and thinking of a time when labels had catalogs like this.

WUTANES HEER – die unbekannter deutchser soldat C46 – Martial industrial euro-noise, 1997 style. Can’t find info about this one anywhere online. Ltd. 50 with two double-sided inserts and an unmarked BASF C46 in an envelope with a couple of paste-ons.

SPECULUM FIGHT – neutrophile CS – Great old tape from my good friend Damion Romero, then known as SPECULUM FIGHT. 1994 release on BANNED PRODUCTION (a label I’m currently working on something for). #’d under the x-ray that is stapled to the insert. Tape labels need to be cut/popped to play the cassette.

ZERO PERCENT INTEREST – Holding Court on Hunt’s Time CS is the fifth tape on Michigan’s one-of-a-kind AMERICAN TAPES label. It’s a duo of John Olson (wolf eyes + who knows how many others) and Eric Cook (grativar, persona). I’ll be scanning a lot more American Tapes oddities in the next few weeks.



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by greh @ 6:09pm on December 20, 2009

Just finished printing the cover for issue one of BIRCH FEVER, a 32 page booklet featuring scummed up xerox of vintage porno girls. This will be announced with some new Chondritic titles soon. Below I’ve scanned the cover. The color images below, while keeping with the theme, are strictly for enjoyment here and aren’t all in the booklet. Plus, the pages are extra gutter and in black and white. The zine is 8.5″x5.5″ and comes in two editions. 50 copies have a dirty mustard cover with silver ink. 10 copies with a sturdy vellum cover with silver ink and hand-painted back cover.



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by greh @ 2:38pm on December 16, 2009

Cass over at Sex Savages on Wheels and her old man have launched Izzy Wolf, a line of “innovative children’s clothing” named after their daughter. What that basically means is you don’t have to bleach-tie or scum up clothes for your kid anymore – they’ve done it for you. This stuff looks amazing, and comes in sizes from 3 months to 6 years. No kids in sight here, but I’ve already got one little gnarler in mind who could use some of this gear. Also, a percentage of all sales goes to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. Take a look at the entire collection over at Izzy Wolf. The pictures speak for themselves!



Here are some scans of a handful of 8MM porno reels from my collection. These were mostly acquired as a gift from my friend Slim while we were in his hometown of Lexington, KY on a short break during our last tour. Some of the covers are the original boxes, while others were cut to fit around a generic box, losing part of the great covers. The “Love, California Style” and “Peacock” boxes are amongst my favorite from this group. Also classic are the strange reels with a photograph poorly taped or pasted onto a reel box. We’re planning a Chondritic 8MM screening night soon, so if you’re in the area keep an eye peeled here for details. Spinning records and projecting the best of these reels should be a blast.

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