(apologies to A. Dilloway for the stolen title…)

My friend Jonathan Canady (who runs a handful of sites including Colors of the Dark linked in the sidebar) just alerted me, via his label/design site Verge of Light, to this new Xeno & Oaklander interview/overview which explores their ideas behind music and their Brooklyn home studio. Well worth a watch if you’re remotely curious.

Jonathan himself has a new project Diamond Cult, a post-punk/Krautrock-inspired one man band. Two tracks up for listening at the above link or you can buy them for a measly $1 a pop at the aforementioned Verge of Light site. There’s also a site dedicated to Jonathan’s paintings and drawings here.

I’d previously mentioned Brooklyn’s Wierd Records run by my friend Pieter and home to Xeno & Oaklander, Led er Est, Martial Canterel and the excellent and varied Wierd Compilations (3xLP+7″ and 4xLP respectively). Pieter also has a section in his shop for non-Wierd but related records he carries. I received the recent Xeno & Oaklander Sentinelle and Led Er Est Dust on Common LP from his label last month and neither of them have gone more than 3 feet from the turntable. Also in the box were new 7″s by Led Er Est, Frank Alpine and a split by Newclear Waves/Opus Finis – all of it very enjoyable. Last year, Opus Finis put out Pursue the Tragic Tune, one of the darkest albums I’ve heard in a long time. It’s available at the Wierd webstore and comes highly recommended.

Besides running a great label and being a most gracious host, Pieter is a really unique artist. The paintings you see on the site are his work, and there are a few more here. Below is a documentary on Pieter’s extraordinary art and his weekly coldwave DJ night in NYC. Parts 2 and 3 should be linked when part 1 is finished playing.

For Detroit locals seeking something similar, you should check out Justin Carver’s monthly night (second Thursdays!) called Something Cold. Dark minimal yet danceable music. I’m always happy to hear contemporary Wierd bands and classics like Absolute Body Control and Fad Gadget being pumped out of the speakers. The next one is coming up Feb 11 at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) on Rosa Parks.


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