intrinsic objectification,
by greh @ 7:45pm on December 17, 2009

New video from my friends Liz and Sean, together known as Xeno and Oaklander and Sean solo is Martial Canterel. This song is the title track off their new record. They record each song live, no overdubs, and play almost entirely analogue gear. I’ve had the pleasure of being in their studio before and still fondly reflect on the synth envy I felt. There’s a great shot in the Wierd Records Compilation Volume II of the setup, though I believe it is ever-changing. Speaking of Wierd, this record was released by them, and they carry a bunch of other dark, minimal synth music. I’m on the Wierd Comp volume II as Hive Mind with a couple of pieces. Okay, enough of my rambling. Here’s the video:


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